Wiggly Royal Welcome is a Wiggles Special that was released on VHS on October 27, 1997 in Australia and March 30, 2004 on DVD in America. Before it was released on VHS in Australia, it aired on Prime TV in October 19, 1997. The Australian version of this video contained "Everybody is Clever" and "Wave the Wiggly Flags" while the US and UK version replaces them with "The Chase" and "Wave to Wags (Wiggle Puppets)". It's the seventh Wiggles video.


Wags the Dog receives a letter from his friend - Old King Cole and it says that he is coming to visit Wigglehouse. Wags the Dog suggests that they could make him feel right at home. Jeff Wiggle, Murray Wiggle, Greg Wiggle and Anthony Wiggle dress up in royal clothing. When Old King Cole arrives, he performs the dance number ever performed by Wags' guests and The Wiggles also played musical instruments. Jeff Wiggle, Murray Wiggle, Greg Wiggle and Anthony Wiggle putted their royal clothng back in the Wigglehouse trunk.

Song ListEdit

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